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We stand together in our unified vision of building and being the most creatively inspiring video creators in all we do. Delivering the quality content you need to drive results for your business.


Behind the "K.OS"

2020 • October

We "Found" K.OS

K.OS (Pronounced like "Chaos") was founded by Oyinkro Kagbala with nothing but a camera, a laptop, and a hell of a lot of coffee and one big leap of faith...

2021 • May

K.OS was born

K.OS Visuals LTD was born, and we went from freelancing to "agency-ing". The company as you know it today after working with some of our incredible legacy clients!

2021 • June

K.OS gets a new home

The team gets a new home and moves into a slick new studio space to expand our creative offering and skillset.

2021 • September

International Expansion

The team travelled to LA and Austin Texas for our very first international project on a 7 day road trip, creating magic, jaw dropping and thumb stopping content along the way.

2022 • May

The K.OS family grows

The team expands to 7 creatives - and this is just the beginning...


Collaborating with you as a new client?

We are THE creative video agency to help you do the unexpected with video. We create content that will build, build credibility with your audiences and inspire them to take action. All to drive real leads and results for your business.


The heroes who make it happen

A creative agency built on 8 creatively minded extraordinary individuals forever growing and challenging ourselves to redefine the world of creative video marketing.

Tij Rana
Junior Visual Artist & Editor

BIO coming soon...


📸 A great photographer, videographer, and editor with all round amazing creative direction. You can find Sam tweaking a notion board, implementing a new system, looking for ways to increase our efficiency or eating Rowntrees Randoms (his favourite sweets btw)

Founder & Creative Director

✌🏾 Self-taught creative and forever growing entrepreneur. Spearheading the growth of THE most creatively inspiring video marketing agency you've ever seen!! ☕️ What started as a solo venture with nothing but a camera, a laptop, and a hell of a lot of coffee is now driven by a team of AMAZING creatives who are redefining the world of creative video marketing with clients all over the globe.

Visual Artist & Producer

Jon is a storyteller at heart, and his passion for filmmaking shines through in every project he takes on. When he's not behind the camera, Jon can be found binging episodes of "The Office" or traveling to far-off lands in search of his next great story. But don't let his love of comedy fool you – Jon takes his work seriously and consistently strives to deliver professional and impactful films.

Visual Artist & Lead Editor

Hey I'm Jordan and I'm a videographer and editor at K-OS! I love all things creative and will always look for new ways to innovate with fresh ideas. On set you can catch me behind a camera or gimbal, you can catch me eating a hefty lunch as I'm a big foodie

Head of Content

🌍 Elz bring nothing but GOOD vibes to the team! If he's not doing that - he's capturing every second, minute, hour and day of our amazing journey as we look for ways to creatively inspire those around us through video content that slaps...and if he's not doing that... He's travelling the world and eating good food!

Content Coordinator

Dan brings creativity and organisation to everything he does. From planning content, writing copy, and designing graphics to developing and testing systems, Dan is a driving force behind KV. When he’s not working for KV, he’s working on his own musical projects and studying a degree in Electronic Music Production!

Executive Assistant

Summer is often working behind the scenes to make sure things are running smoothly but you also might catch her on shoots as a 1st AD. With involvement in HR, operation and admin, she is bringing this remote working team together and taking a few film photographs along the way

Our Values

These guiding values permeate all of our work. Above all, we are your creative muse.


Challenging the expected and delivering the unexpected, to achieve real results.


Dependable and responsible in all that we do. We’re an extension of your team.


Acting with uncompromised integrity.


Bringing nothing but good vibes and inspiring all those we work with.


Delivering the most memorable creative collaborations for our clients and team.


Continually learning and sharing knowledge to elevate our team and clients.

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