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K-OS Visuals is a creative agency spearheaded by ambitious video content and purpose driven partnership. We’re here to tell your story.

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It might be K-OS behind the camera, but we’re ahead of the industry, leading the way in innovative, fresh, and intentional content. In building a story led by your ideas and directed by our team of experts, we provide tailored support every step of the way, with a healthy dose of creativity added in for good measure.


We’ve worked with some ace brands and businesses over the years to help develop their content and establish their creative identity. No matter your industry or expertise, we’ll get the very best out of your vision, creating a story that represents your mission and accelerates your business.

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Joe Glover

O is one of my favourite people. He has the enthusiasm of a puppy, the charm of the smoothest cup of coffee you could imagine, and the potential of Lionel Messi at 15. I’m a big fan. While the future is bright for O, you only need to look at his videos to know he’s already streets ahead than most people. O is one to keep an eye on, not just because of where he is today, but because of how scarily amazing he will be in the future, too.

Joe Glover from The Marketing Meetup

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